Developer community from the westernmost corner of mainland France

Welcome to BreizhBeans

12 Mar 2014

Hello all, and welcome to BreizhBeans, a developer community from the westernmost corner of mainland France, in the Finistère province of the Brittany region.

We are some of the guys behind some others local communities like the FinistJUG or the FinistGDG. So, why BreizhBeans? We see BreizhBeans like a more eclectic project, not bound to any technology or company, often dealing with subjects crossing different user groups’ boundaries. It’s also a more personal project, deeply local, our meeting point was being developers who lived in this far corner of Brittany and who wanted to remain living here while doing an interesting job (not always an easy thing).

We are not tied to any technology, playing with lots of different toys:

ome of our toys

So what can you expect to find here? We aim to make from BreizhBeans site a technical blog when we will put our musings about our developer life. In that moment, for
Horacio Gonzalez and Sébastien Lambour , that means dealing with some Angular Dart applications, so you can bet you will see some posts about Dart and Angular Dart soon.